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Women of Great Faith

James Spruell, Ph.D.


Feature - Women of Great Faith

Few things give greater insight into the Savior, & who he was, than his relationship with others, especially women and children.

The Women of the New Testament

During his mortal ministry, the Savior's life was associated with many different women, including some who were among his closest associates. From the New Testament and writings attributed to early Saints we know that women were also counted among his most devoted disciples.
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Recent Updates

Mary, the Mother of Christ | Her Family

Mary, the mother of Christ is unique among all women in her divine role in giving birth to the Messiah. Her story is fascinating, regardless of whether we are Catholic, Muslim, or LDS. And yet, for the countless pages that have been written about her, we still know so little about Mary, the person, & Mary, the Mother of God.
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Mary, the Mother of Christ | The joys and Sorrows

The personal side of men and women in the scripture fascinate me, including the Savior’s mother, Mary. Her story and the incredible journey she made while on earth — from that of a youth learning that she would give birth to the Messiah to her time as a widow and the death of Christ — has been a great inspiration.
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Just Tumbling Along

One of the fun things that we did while growing up was to build homemade tumblers to polish the gemstones and rocks that we found on our many trips... A spiritual tumbler is a lot like a rock tumbler, except that instead of agate, flint, etc., we have people rocks, along with challenges, the need to forgive others (NTFO), and godly sorrow rocks.
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Featured Videos

Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Jesus turns water into wine Video The Video presents a quick message about the Savior and his relationship to Mary, his mother. 2:27

...Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints



Mary & Joseph Travel to Bethlehem

Joseph & Mary travel to Bethlehem A short clip illustrating Joseph & Mary as they travel to Bethlehem 2:06

...Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints



Additional clips from Mormon Messages

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