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Snapshots of Women of Great Faith

Women of Great Faith

James Spruell, Ph.D.


Eve, A 'Help Meet'

And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." Genesis 2:18

Virtuous Circles

While most references to the concept of a ‘help meet’ focus on the woman’s role, we should note that the role of a husband & wife is complimentary. Adam, and all husbands, have an immutable responsibility to sustain and support their spouse in her duties.

In God's plan of creation, a husband & wife is each other’s best hope for exaltation as they become one in love & spirit. Hence, a healthy marriage is a virtuous circle where each supports the other, continuing through eternity until that perfect day when we return to Heavenly Father.

The sacred role of help meet is not just a temporal role but that of an eternal father & mother. As a husband and wife leaves mortality their walk through eternity begins with peace and promise as they sustain each other in the new and everlasting covenant of eternal marriage. The bridge begun in mortality continues and extends to more holier spheres, the righteous to remain as one working together.

Imagine if that were not the case, the outcome of 'most imperfect guy' trying to cross the veil without a help meet. I can see the guardians at Saint Peter’s gate looking down for a moment, then looking at each other, and back again at pudgy guy. And you want to what?? Be exhalted?

Hmmm, not sure that your track record in mortality qualifies you for the next level ...those faux pas’s in mortality -- & perhaps those of all guys -- would only be multiplied 1000 fold. Hmmmm.'

Then across the veil comes the soft voice of a beloved companion that says ‘I know him well, and it is true the mischief that he does get into ...after all he is male. But I will work with him, and together we can continue our journey toward perfection. True those rough edges remain, yet I love him and will honor my pledge made so many years ago. Together we can become intertwined as one, King & Queen.’

I have no doubt that Father Lehi and Sarah, Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah... all continue a love begun in mortality in the creations that await. And while we speculate on whether the Savior was married during his mortality, he surely fulfilled the law of all righteousness and had a companion(s). And if that should be Mary Magdalena a more pure spirit and more devoted companion could not be found. JMO.

Lessons Learned:

  1. If each, male and female, fully appreciated the concept of a 'help meet', how could that change our perception of marriage?

  2. What one item could help you start your marriage/relationship on the path of a virtuous circle?

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