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Snapshots of Women of Great Faith

Women of Great Faith

James Spruell, Ph.D.


Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene appears to the immediate left in De Vinci's 'Last Supper' ...an artist's conception or divine inspiration?

Mary Magdalene, a companion & disciple of Jesus, was trusted and loved greatly by the Lord. At the tomb her sorrow and desire to know where they had taken her Lord turned to joy on hearing one word ‘Mary’. It was enough for she knew the Master’s voice, and immediately responded 'Rabboni' (Master) 1.

The parting of the sea as depicted in The Ten Commandments reminds all of heaven’s great power. The humble request of Mary to know where they have taken her Lord melts the heart with her love and reverence.

So why has Mary Magdalene captured the interest & attention of so many ...beyond that of the popular novel and movies? Her addition to the last supper (perhaps speculation) occurred well before the birth of any 20th century author. Although the codex Gospel of Mary was discovered circa 1896 2, translations weren't widely available until more recently (read that internet). And yet, we wonder about her role.

The answer may be more simple than we realize -- she is a profound example of Heavenly Father's plan and if you will, truth restored. In great contrast, the adversary would cloud, degrade, and abolish the role & divine nature of women -- as companion in their own right, mothers, and disciples. Mary's story reveals a quiet strength and life filled with love and virtue that honors all women.

During that era, an evolution in the Judeo/Christian view of women is evident -- from Pre-Christ roles (chattel/property), to more prominent roles found in the New Testament, & then the gradual diminishing role/discipleship with the rise of a male priesthood in the early church (especially post 300 AD) -- male egos at work? Maybe :-)

Whatever the case, each sees with eyes quite different than their neighbor's. One may see an architectural perfect 1963ish Vet, another will pop the hood to see that engine, or perhaps in the case of a few of my women friends -- just a bunch of old, pudgy guys with thinning hair trying to drive around looking cool.

In Mary's case, what I see:

Lessons Learned:

  1. What could I learn from Mary's devotion that would help me in my progression as a Christian?

  2. What else do you see in the life of Mary that really stands out... as disciple, woman, or as an example?

Mary Magdalene

Mary, the Mother of Christ Video The Video, produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, depicts the resurrection & meeting of Jesus with Mary, Magdalene. 4:01