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Snapshots of Women of Great Faith

Of Great Faith

James Spruell, Ph.D.



Woman of Great Faith

Few things give greater insight into the Savior, & who he was, than his relationship with others, especially women and children.

The woman at the well is one of my favorite biblical stories. And, for many years I didn’t really know why, just that it was very touching. Often I heard suggestions that this Samaritan woman who had five husbands was quite promiscuous, unworthy by every measure. Yet intuition said otherwise. Why would the Savior travel so far out of his way to meet with the ‘one’, and how could she be so unworthy yet spiritually in tune enough to recognize that she spoke with a prophet?

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Mary Magdalene, a companion & disciple of Jesus, was trusted and loved greatly by the Lord. At the tomb her sorrow and desire to know where they had taken her Lord turned to joy on hearing one word ‘Mary’. It was enough for she knew the Master’s voice, and immediately responded 'Rabboni' (Master)...

The parting of the sea as depicted in The Ten Commandments reminds all of heaven’s great power. The humble request of Mary to know where they have taken her Lord melts the heart with her love and reverence.


Healed by a touch recounts one of the great stories of faith. No, not of Sampson bringing the temple down or jawboning 10,000 warriors. Not David & his sling shot or Moses parting the Red Sea (or Sea of Reeds). But rather a humble woman in search of being made whole.


Mary, the Mother of Christ was among the most choice of women who ever lived. She receives great credit for giving birth to the Savior, but do we truly appreciate that even the Savior learned line upon line under the watchful eye of Mary.

And when his time had come, he committed his mother to the hands of the disciple who loved him greatly, even John. But did you notice? John in time transformed from a son of Thunder to John the Beloved filled with charity toward all men.

The Gospel of John reflects his time (and testimony) spent both with the Savior and after the ascension, with Mary, mother of Christ. (Psst: How do you think that he knew of the story of Jesus turning water into wine that he related in the Gospel of John?) The personal knowledge that he acquired at the side of the Savior did continue when the Lord declared, as he hung on the cross, 'Behold thy mother'.

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Adam and Eve were our first parents on planet earth. Eve's story is unique among all women, and represents the profound wisdom of God in placing man in families. Her role as a 'Help Meet' is so much more than cook, companion, etc. but represents 'God's Help' in accomplishing all things appointed unto man.

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The Remarkable Women of God

Mary, the Mother of Christ Video The Video, Remarkable Women of God, recounts the divine influence of the women in the Creator's plan. 4:20